We provide the following services:

Intervention Service Providers.

Professional Training & international certification.

Workmen tools Manufacturing/OEM Reps/Tools Stockist.

We are a technology base company with half of our strength and expertise on tech and half supported by our human experts effort and capacity, thereby reducing errors to the minimal.

Service Providers.

You can contact us in a number of ways:
07067713295 and 07062863293 for voice calls & WhatsApp messages
Send us email on info@weareheretofixit.com, enquiry@weareheretofixit.com, complaints@weareheretofixit.com
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WeAreHereToFixIt customer with at least one complete transactions record with payment evidence, such customer is qualify to subscribe to our loyalty program and stand a chance to gain redeemable points after a every transaction.

Customer makes payments through:

Paypal, Online Payments, POS or bank transfers (No cash payment).

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